Rotary’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Awards 2024

At Rotary we recognize that embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) will allow us to do more meaningful work while engaging with people who know they’ll be valued for the qualities that make them unique. I believe that as an organization, we are stronger when we embrace the diversity found in our clubs and communities. We are more effective when we offer a valuable, inclusive experience that provides equitable opportunities for people to serve, to lead, and to participate with us. To grow Rotary and become a more dynamic organization, we must take DEI seriously.”
V. Srinivas Murthy

Rotary District 3192 District Governor

DEI Committee of Rotary District 3192 is happy to announce the launch of our first ever Rotary’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Awards 2024. The Awards will provide an opportunity for organizations and individuals to be recognized for their initiative/s to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion and to serve as an inspiration and learning opportunity for others. By sharing their best practices, the organisations would inspire other organizations to follow suit and become a diverse, equitable & inclusive organization. Our goal in introducing the Rotary’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Awards 2024 is to establish a network of groups dedicated to advancing diversity and inclusion as well as to offer opportunities for shared learning.

Rotary is a 120+ years old global organization with its clubs in more than 130 countries. Rotary is present in India since February 1920. Rotary is dedicated to causes that build international relationships, improve lives, and create a better world to support our peace efforts and end polio forever.  Rotary clubs have traditionally been recognized for their commitment to community service, humanitarian projects, and ethical leadership.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has always been a foundational value of Rotary. Hear this direct from our founder, Rtn. Paul Harris, in his own voice.

Rotary clubs have been a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization since its inception. Rotary is committed to treating everyone with dignity and respect, allowing everyone’s voice to be heard, and providing equitable opportunities for fellowship, service, and leadership. We believe that exemplifying and embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) should be a part of everything we do at Rotary. One can see DEI in action in Rotary clubs.

  • Rotary club membership is diverse, as we do not discriminate members based on gender, caste, religion, etc; nor do we discriminate the communities we serve. As a new member joins the Rotary club, they are loaned a ‘Classification’. This concept of ‘Classification’ reflects the diverse occupations of club members.
  • Every Rotary member enjoys equal opportunity to lead their club as a president and join the Rotary District leadership teams, which changes every year, providing opportunity to other members to take up the leadership roles. 
  • More importantly, Rotary’s guiding principle – the 4way Test also promotes Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Therefore, integrating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Awards into Rotary’s recognition system is a powerful way to showcase Rotary’s commitment to the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

On behalf of Rotary District 3192, I am happy to announce the launch of our first ever Rotary’s DEI Awards 2024.

In Rotary, we celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). It does not matter who you are, who you love, how you worship, whether you have a disability, or what culture or country you are from. What matters is that you want to strengthen communities and take action to create lasting change.

Past Rotary International President Jennifer Jones

We would like to invite you all to participate in this initiative and to nominate your organisations for Rotary’s DEI Awards. Your organization can participate in any of the below mentioned categories –

  • Public Service organizations such as NGOs, Police, educational institutions, hospitals etc
  • Institutions & Businesses – Large, MSME & Startups ( Large – Annual revenue >INR 250 cr. MSME – Annual Revenue > INR 5 cr. – INR 250 cr., Startups – <=5 years from the date of incorporation)
  • Rotary & Rotaract Clubs

Let us come together to celebrate and create a more inclusive and diverse India.

  1. Pioneering Initiative Award- 
    • This award is to recognize a specific initiative(s) that showcases a novel, unique or creative approach to promoting and/or advancing DEI in their organizations.
  2. Award for promoting and enabling women’s participation.
    • This award honours the organizations who have taken specific steps/initiatives that has impacted representation/inclusion of women in their organization.
  3. Award for promoting and enabling participation of people with disabilities.
    • This award honours the organizations who have taken specific steps/initiatives that has impacted representation/inclusion of persons with disabilities (PwD) in their organization.
  4. Awards for promoting and enabling participation of LGBTQIA+ community.
    • This award honours the organizations who have taken specific steps/initiatives that has impacted representation/inclusion of LGBTQIA+ community in their organizations.
  5. DEI Catalyst  Award for Social impact – a) organisation b) individual
    • This award honours organizations/individuals that have created a social impact & showcased exceptional dedication and commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the community.

The answer to your question, why you or your organization should apply for awards, is quite simple and obvious. You/your organization has interesting and impactful DEI initiative/s, thenyou should

•⁠ ⁠Celebrate the DEI initiative and get your organization felicitated as a role model organization.

•⁠ ⁠Share the learnings with other organizations and motivate them to initiate/ strengthen their journey to become diverse, equitable and inclusive organizations.

•⁠ ⁠Create goodwill among peer organizations by getting recognized for DEI excellence internally as well as externally.


Sr. No.What?When?
1Application start date19, February 2024
2Last date to submit the application19, March 2024

Ms. Abha Saxena

Director DEI, Rotary District 3192