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Amidst rapid paradigm shifts in and out of our daily mundane, we realize that Hope is the rope that carries you through life. Reflecting on a theme that could potentially change the world, Rotary International President Rtn. Gordon McInally declared the theme for the year 2023-24 as CREATE HOPE IN THE WORLD, with a focus on MENTAL HEALTH.

Mind Crusaders are the Rotary District 3192 team focusing on Mental Health.

Let us remember that mental health is a universal right. Every individual deserves access to mental health care, support, and resources to lead a fulfilling life. We are dedicated to spreading mental health awareness and promoting well-being. Let’s break the stigma and prioritize mental health for all. Together, we can create a healthier and more equitable world.

The Mind Crusaders team has many programs covering every demographic as mental health concerns are not restricted to any particular age group.. Our three flag ship programs are Mano Vikasa, Mano Chetana and Mano Vandana. Tap each of them and learn more.

Mano Vikasa is a series of programs designed specifically for young children. This addresses children who are under pressure to perform at their best for exams, undergo peer pressure, bullying and similar mental health concerns. All schools, and Interact schools in particular, are covered under this.

Mano Chetana is aimed at the youth. The youth of today face many areas of stress. First time job seekers, the young married, post-partum depression and similar concerns are very common for them. This program covers all the youth and Rotaractors in particular.

Mano Vandana is our program designed for the elderly. The elderly are not immune to mental pressure and stress. Problems of isolation, physical degeneration, critical illnesses all can contribute to their discomfort. This program covers the elderly, particularly in old age homes.

Mano Prerana

The popular podcast series from the Mind Crusader’s team is now available on Spotify.

The podcasts are conversations  with leading Doctors, Psychologists, Medical counsellors and other mental health experts on a wide range of topics. These are engaging and informative audio sections – which means you can listen to them while you are engaged in other work too!

Mind Crusaders are making an impact

Our activities are making a real-life difference. We hear

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We have handpicked a few of our projects to showcase the diversity of our activities and the impact each of them are having. Do go through each of them.

With increasing suicide cases in Bengaluru and nearby towns, we launched this first of is kind helpline in the Rotary world along with Maarga Hospital, Yelahanka,Bengaluru and Rotary Club of Platinum City and Rotary Club of Bengaluru. The helpline is supported by qualified personal from Maarga hospital and is available 24/7 for the needy to reach out to.


Rotary Maarga Suicide Prevention Helpline


This was the brainchild of Pres Rtn Rupashree from RB Platinum city who was highly impacted by the suicide of a young teenager who had fallen into difficult situations and could not seek help and ended giving up her life and well supported by Rotary Club of Bangalore Pres. Rtn Nalini Nanjundaiah and supported by Mindcrusader Dr Shobha G

RD 3192 conducted a mega public campaign for creating Mental health awareness to general public at Orion mall, Rajajinagar

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day,  let us remember that mental health is a universal right. Every individual deserves access to mental health care, support, and resources to lead a fulfilling life.

Releasing the Sailing project- Empathy is the way forward by Mindcrusaders team 3192. We are overjoyed to receive around 50+ entries from 10-12 Rotary Districts Pan India and the Rotary world. This elaborate work of compiling the articles sent by mail has been taken up by Rtr Pooja Rajshri Srinivas. Rotary Mental health awareness Team thanks everyone who contributed to the success of this project Rtn Rashmi Tanksali – Director 3192 Mindcrusaders

Hosachiguru 3192-A wonderful opportunity as Director 3192 Rotary Mental health awareness 23-24 to present the incredible achievements by Mindcrusaders 3192. RIPR Holger Knaack was impressed by our projects and said we could be the role model for other districts.
Thanks to DG Venkatswamy Srinivas Murthy and First Lady Vijaya Srinivas for all the motivation and support for each of our programs. Nothing happens without a strong Team and vision. My sincere thanks to the Mindcrusaders team and Bharavase presidents of Rotary District 3192
Constant support from DGN Elizabeth Cherian towards the cause of mental health is a boon for our team which is on fire and is raring to go!!

Rotary District 3192 Mental health awareness Team 23-24 conducted a successful workshop on “Understanding Healthy relationships” by Ms Unnati Zaveri. This workshop was well participated by 12 Rotary Districts worldwide. The webinar was live on FB also.

Manovikasa by RCB at Gnana Ganga school, Yelahanka by Pres Rupa RBPC. 30 students of 6th and 7th class participated in the interactive,fun filled session on mental well being.The session was attended by DGN Elizabeth. We have conducted around 50 plus Manovikasa sessions at schools at our district and Interdistrict schools when IFMR team was on mental health awareness ride for 10 days.

Vignettes from our Projects

Our team

The Mind Crusaders of Rotary 3192

Rtn Rashmi Tanksali


Rtn Pratap Ujjini

Deputy Director

Rtr Pooja Rajashree Srinivas


Rtn Dr Shobha G


Rtn Suparna Ghosal


Rtn Jyothi Manjunath


Inspiring Stories

We have received so many stories of individuals who have talked about how the Mind Crusader’s activities have helped them personally. However, to preserve their privacy both their names and their circumstances are not being shown here.
Excellent E Book on Mental Health by D3192. I have shared it in our club and District group. A must read by All. Congrats Rtn. Rashmi and Team💐🌹
Friends of Rotary
I heard about the helpline and called them. I am happy to inform you that they met me and I have had several interactions with the doctors since and I am feeling so much better.
Beneficiary of the helpline

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Reach us at : teammindcrusaders @ gmail . com